14 May 2009

TODAY I got a call for a wrestler.  I can’t mention his name – but ….

One of our clients, a Nursing Home Facility in Long Island has a Children’s Unit. A YOUNG BOY THERE is registered with Make A Wish Foundation.  He has taken a turn downward in his health.  The Director of Recreation and the Nursing Staff called to ask if I had any way to contact a wrestler.  This child would celebrate his 14th birthday tomorrow, 4/17/09, and his desire was to meet this wrestler. So far, it had not happened.  I said, I had never dealt with wrestlers, but there is a first time for everything.  I Googled his name and came up with the Wrestling Headquarters based in Connecticut.  Made a phone call and spoke to a wonderful Rep there. She notified me that the wrestlers could not visit every child who asked, and he was presently touring Europe for the next few weeks and is therefore, unavailable.

But, if I fax her a letter on my stationary, she would overnight a package of pictures, posters, and other information regarding this named wrestler.  I presented my case. This child would turn 14 tomorrow, he is very sick, and has taken a turn for the worse. He is registered with Make A Wish Foundation, but nothing has happened so far.  Would there be any way possible to have this wrestler CALL the child on the phone?  The Rep kindly stated that she could not make that promise, however, she would try to notify him, and then the ball was in his court.  I thanked her and said, whatever happens, I believe God is in control!  Not two hours later, a very excited Recreation Director called to inform me that this wrestler had called the child….from EUROPE! He was so excited,  and ecstatic, and so was his mother.  They could not believe Harmony Entertainment had done this for him.  The Nursing Staff was so grateful and excited for him.  He then asked for a young DJ under 25 yrs. old to play for his birthday party tomorrow afternoon.  We provided him with a DJ with lighting.  I asked Nursing to darken the windows so the lights would have a greater effect.  Harmony came through once again.  Our motto or tag line is:   Bringing the vision of your party to LIFE!
Once again – Harmony pulled through!