20 Apr 2010

I came across this touching story today about Maxim Vengero, world famous violinist.


Picture property of Times Online.

“Vengerov normally charges $200,000 per concert but today Vengerov plays for nothing. Or rather, he plays for love. We are in a magnificent paneled hall at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability in Putney, southwest London. Arrayed in front of the musician are about 60 wheelchair-bound patients who, in many cases, have minimal control over their limbs, their minds – and their lives”

The story goes on to talk about how not every patient was able to move their hand or tap their foot to the music but that all of them had a smile on their face.

It has been proven that music has the power to touch the body, heart and soul -especially live music. I love reading stories of how music is used to help improve the quality of life for injured or ill people. I also read that when music is played in the nursery of premature babies, these babies grew faster and had less complications than other preemies.

Great resource on using live music to improve the quality of life.

“Rhythm and harmony enter most powerfully into the inner most part of the soul and lay forcible hands upon it” — Plato

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