11 Aug 2010

A lot of times, people overlook the smaller things in life. The smaller things to us, however, could make a huge impact on those living in senior citizen homes. Musical entertainment is one of these things. The individuals in these homes have routines. They do a lot of very similar activities every day. When something new and exciting comes around, like live entertainment, there is a very positive influence placed upon these elderly people.

This process is more formally known as Music Therapy. Although there are more intricate ways of providing music therapy to the elderly, pure entertainment does a portion of the same. This kind of therapy is especially helpful for the senior citizens who have aging related conditions. The music stimulates the brain and helps the individual to develop in ways that other stimulants can’t produce. Music therapy is normally done in a one on one manner, but when there is a group, their reactions to the music can bounce off of each other, creating a wave of positive stimulants.

Music is food for the soul and if we can feed the soul of the elderly through the use of music, then we have made the impact we want.

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