04 Feb 2008

“I was planning a Birthday party for my husband.  I asked him where he would like to go, and what he would like to do.  He said he wanted to have dinner with friends and he wanted to see some great JAZZ!  As we priced restaurants and Jazz clubs we looked at each other and decided, “Why don’t we just have “JAZZ…at home.”  We ran with this idea of hiring Jazz musicians to come into our home, THEN called Harmony Entertainment in Long Island, NY, and asked them to make it so!   Boy, did they pull through for us.  The JAZZ QUARTET they sent, were phenomenal!  Their jazz melded one musician to the other, they smiled as they played for us, leading my guests to believe, they truly enjoyed what they were doing.  They played around each other, working off one another, making beautiful music together.  GREAT JAZZ!  The caterer, Sebastiano’s in Farmingdale, sent us the most delicious Italian dishes, and our guests were floored by the great food, the fabulous jazz club entertainment, and the atmosphere melding together for a fantastic and very personal experience…JAZZ..at home! Thank you Harmony Entertainment and Sebastiano’s for a fabulous birthday celebration!”Click here to listen to some of our Jazz samples!