What Can Harmony Do for You?

Harmony Entertainment specializes in music and entertainment that is interactive, fun and targeted to your clients. Once your clients’ basic needs are met, it is your recreational programs that truly add to the quality of their life. What you do for your clients is extremely important.

Harmony offers stimulating music and entertainment options which will enhance and build upon your own therapeutic recreational programming.

We specialize in interactive entertainment that encourages higher participation and more responsive audiences.

One easy phone call gives you access to a wide variety of professional entertainment that is memorable and meaningful to your clients and an enormous help to you.


Can Harmony Entertainment help you solve any of these challenges?

Variety: Do you sometimes feel that the entertainment you bring into your facility lacks the variety you’d like? Does it feel like the same tired acts over and over again?

Experience: Do some of the entertainers you have hired in the past lack the experience of working within the unique health-care market?

Efficiency & Time Savings: Do you find yourself spending endless time (which you don’t have) making endless phone calls to multiple vendors to fulfill your entertainment needs? Do you sometimes wish that you had a relationship with someone who could unburden you from that work?

Let Harmony Help

  • Harmony Entertainment provides excellent entertainment for your clients. One phone call can SAVE YOU HOURS of work time. Thus, your productivity is enhanced greatly.
  • Harmony has a proven track record, servicing over 200 facilities. We promise quality, service and consistency.
  • Harmony Entertainment offers recreational programs and staff when you need temporary help or specialty programs.

Your clients will love the time they spend with Harmony Entertainment. Call today to learn more. (516) 756-5637