25 May 2009

Hawaiian Luau’s are already in full swing, here at Harmony Entertainment!

With all the stores gearing up for summer, it’s not very hard to start planning your very own Hawaiian Luau.  Almost everywhere you turn the stores are selling decorations, party favors, cute Hawaiian outfits, and men’s Aloha shirts, just so you can prepare to host your very own Luau. But you cannot forget about the entertainment.

Hawaiian Luau entertainment is very popular during summer time, in New York. Not so unusual with beach life, the Hamptons, and all those back yard pool parties. You don’t have to look towards the Pacific Ocean to find wonderful Polynesian entertainment for your party. Harmony Entertainment offers a wide variety of services, one of which is, Hawaiian Luau entertainment.  We can help make your event special by providing your entertainment. We have Hawaiian and Polynesian dancers, our Fire Knife dancer is from Samoa, and of course the wonderfully melodious Hawaiian music which makes you just want to get on the plane and go there!.  We have several packages to choose from. You may want a Trio or Quartet to play music for your listening or dancing pleasure. They are muti-talented musicians and play all stles and genres. How about our DJ / LIVE.  Our DJ will provide music for your party-goers to dance their tribal dances, and he plays guitar, and Tahitian drums during the show itself.  It’s your call …. Your make the choice.

Call us today for more information on Hawaiian Luau’s in New York and ask about our Hawaiian Luau caterer too.  516-756-5637

14 May 2009

TODAY I got a call for a wrestler.  I can’t mention his name – but ….

One of our clients, a Nursing Home Facility in Long Island has a Children’s Unit. A YOUNG BOY THERE is registered with Make A Wish Foundation.  He has taken a turn downward in his health.  The Director of Recreation and the Nursing Staff called to ask if I had any way to contact a wrestler.  This child would celebrate his 14th birthday tomorrow, 4/17/09, and his desire was to meet this wrestler. So far, it had not happened.  I said, I had never dealt with wrestlers, but there is a first time for everything.  I Googled his name and came up with the Wrestling Headquarters based in Connecticut.  Made a phone call and spoke to a wonderful Rep there. She notified me that the wrestlers could not visit every child who asked, and he was presently touring Europe for the next few weeks and is therefore, unavailable.

But, if I fax her a letter on my stationary, she would overnight a package of pictures, posters, and other information regarding this named wrestler.  I presented my case. This child would turn 14 tomorrow, he is very sick, and has taken a turn for the worse. He is registered with Make A Wish Foundation, but nothing has happened so far.  Would there be any way possible to have this wrestler CALL the child on the phone?  The Rep kindly stated that she could not make that promise, however, she would try to notify him, and then the ball was in his court.  I thanked her and said, whatever happens, I believe God is in control!  Not two hours later, a very excited Recreation Director called to inform me that this wrestler had called the child….from EUROPE! He was so excited,  and ecstatic, and so was his mother.  They could not believe Harmony Entertainment had done this for him.  The Nursing Staff was so grateful and excited for him.  He then asked for a young DJ under 25 yrs. old to play for his birthday party tomorrow afternoon.  We provided him with a DJ with lighting.  I asked Nursing to darken the windows so the lights would have a greater effect.  Harmony came through once again.  Our motto or tag line is:   Bringing the vision of your party to LIFE!
Once again – Harmony pulled through!

01 May 2009


We meet with many young and eager couples who wish for us to create the most beautiful music and ambiance for their most special wedding day: Oftentimes, they end up asking us for guidance as to what songs to play, etc.  We quickly remind them that this is THEIR special day. The music that they choose should truly represent their love and their experiences together as a couple. Here are a few pointers to help you get started with choosing your wedding music:

1.) This is important: create a list of music that you DON’T want played.  This will help your wedding DJ a great deal: BE VERY CLEAR about it, and perhaps even put it in writing.  The last thing you want is an inappropriate song being played, or perhaps one that may evoke bad memories!

2.) Ask your wedding DJ for a list of songs that they have available: Oftentimes they may have a presentable folder, but if you can preview it prior to meeting with them, it would be ideal and save you a great deal of time.

3.) Think about your reception and any ‘lag’ time that there may be prior to your entrance. Make certain that this space is filled with music that suits your audience.

4.) Also, if you anticipate your ‘toasting’ to take a while, make certain that your DJ has ample music to play (without repeating songs…)

5.) BE very clear about which songs should be played and when.  You are paying these folks, and obviously, need to be assertive in this respect.

We hope this helps as you plan your special day: If you are seeking a wedding DJ in the Long Island and Greater New York area, call Harmony at 516.756.5637.

18 Feb 2009

Harmony Entertainment has given yet another reason to experience all that New York has to offer. Whether you are planning a Sweet Sixteen, a corporate event, a nice black tie dinner dance or even a fundraiser Harmony Entertainment New York will find the perfect fit for you. Luau entertainment in New York iis a great way to kick off your next event. Imagine, you’re sitting back with a refreshing umbrella cocktail enjoying a beautiful authentic Hawaiian Luau performance, and knowing that you have helped put together an event the whole family will remember for a lifetime. Although, Hawaiian shows are among the favorite, Harmony Entertainment has a variety of Long Island live entertainers to choose from. Whatever your ears desire from a LIVE smooth jazz quartet to strolling musicians with guitars, violins or even accordions and much more.

If you are looking into putting together the event that will set the tone for all others, Harmony Entertainment New York is here to help realize your dreams. Contact us Today for your Free consultation. www.harmonyentertainment.com

22 Jan 2009

Something that has been dreamt about, over and over, their whole lives, and now in today’s economy there should be no reason why she needs to hold back now. Wedding season is here, and now is the time to say “Where there is a will there is a WAY.” Here at Harmony Entertainment New York we pride ourselves on giving, second to none, services for your wedding and/or special event. Hawaiian luaus to weddings and other masterful planned events, filled with a wonderful atmosphere, lights, cameras, and topped off with beautiful LIVE music.

So don’t waste your precious time trying to track down the photographer and the DJ and the rest of the headaches. Call your one-stop-shop Today, Harmony Entertainment New York, 516-756-5637.

14 Jan 2009

It is a new year, and with every New Year, comes new events to attend or coordinate. 2009 is a year for change. Why not start the new year off right with a specialized event catered to you and your New York guests. With a multitude of theme shows, bands, Duo’s & Trios,  and even more services to choose from, you can’t go wrong with Harmony Entertainment. Whether it is a Hawaiian styled luau or a nice and intimate setting with a smooth jazz band to sooth the ears, Harmony Entertainment is your place to shop.  We guarantee an amazing time that you and your guests will remember for years to come.
If you are in the greater New York area, and Long Island, and you are looking for a helping hand with your next event, contact Harmony Entertainment Today. www.harmonyentertainment.com, 516-756-5637.

16 Dec 2008

“Freezing Ice Rain with Wintry weather” this is the forecast for all our Connecticut friends until Santa leaves at least. Now I do not know about all of you but my family events and such, love to come up at the most inopportune times. Although, the weather throws us many curve balls, our life’s special moments are not slowing down anytime soon. Instead of focusing on what the Connecticut weather is doing,  we need to find ways out of that box. Here at Harmony Entertainment we know life can change in an instant. With our unique vision and expert coordinators we are here to help all of your event dreams come true; rain, snow, or sun shining down. From Winter Wonderland themes to go well with the weather or getting creative and tropical with a Hawaiian styled luau event, your guest will not be left unsatisfied with memories to last through the ice age.

Call Today and experience the Harmony Entertainment way to party. 516-756-5637

21 Nov 2008

Winter is a beautiful time to have a wedding, with beautiful white snow, and the cold crisp air! If you are planning on having a classic winter Manhattan wedding and need the perfect music, the call Harmony Entertainment today. Our musicians can offer you classical string ensembles, strolling minstrels, jazz trio, pianist, background music, interactive dj’s & mc’s and much more. It’s your wedding, so remember that you get to pick the music that you want played at your wedding. Call Harmony Entertainment today! 516.756.5637.

22 Oct 2008

Looking to have an event, but want to make sure your faith isn’t compromised? Harmony Gospel is the event planner you’ve been looking for to keep your faith values, while entertaining the entire guest list. Harmony wants you and your guest to feel comfortable with the entire event you have planned. That’s why we go the extra mile to fulfill your LIVE entertainment needs. Harmony Gospel will not compromise your faith in any way, during your event. We use Christian and Secular music in good taste. We want you to be able to have a memorable party while being glorifying God!

Harmony has all you will need to make your event, the one everyone remembers for years to come. We offer custom lighting, video and photography, DJ’s, slideshows, face painters, caricaturists, game show, and much, much more. We strive to give you the best LIVE entertainment in the New York area. We offer themed parties and cater to many special events such as: sweet sixteen’s, weddings, corporate events, bar and batmitzvahs, church functions, nursing homes, youth rallies, country clubs, and many more. We are your number one choice in Christian based LIVE entertainment in the Greater New York area. For more information about our services call today at 516.756.5637 or online at  www.harmonyentertainment.com.

08 Oct 2008

If you are ready to have a party, and don’t want the same old, same old?  There are some things that most people overlook when trying to organize their very special event. How do I make this event different from all the other events I’ve been to, or thrown myself? The answer is, the entertainment you offer. The food is good, the decorations add a nice touch, but what leaves a lasting impression is – the entertainment.  Harmony Entertainment has all you need, to make your event one that everyone will remember for years to come. We offer custom lighting, photography, DJ’s, MC’s, live Bands, and much more. We have a wide variety of music options for you to choose from.  Want to have a Hawaiian Lua?, how about a Country Western theme? or maybe a Big Band dance party? ….WE HAVE IT ALL AND MORE!  So, if you’re throwing a party or event in Queens or the surrounding New York area give Harmony a call. We can be reached at 516.756.5637 or online at wwwharmonyentertainment.com. Let us help YOU build your very own memory.