17 Jul 2019

Perfect weather is finally upon us in  Long Island, and it’s time to schedule your summer time company picnic or BBQ!  Many companies & corporations are excited about the booming economy. What a great way to celebrate while  showing  your  employees gratitude for their hard work all year long! So, let us help YOU  Create a company staff picnic or BBQ. Incorporate “team building activities” along with stress-free time for your employees. Music is always a wonderful way to motivate employees – get people moving, dancing, singing,  and creating an atmosphere of fun, to enhance those memorable moments, that everyone will share with those who did not attend!  It’s always important to ask the entertainer, Band or DJ “What type of music do you intend to play for our event?” 

18 Oct 2010

Harmony Entertainment is your New York entertainer for this holiday season. Starting this month with Halloween, we are available for themed parties to make your holiday event the most enjoyable for your guests. We hold corporate events, country club events, dinner dances, birthday parties, children’s events, fundraisers, and more!

Let us enhance your “spooktacular” party this month or even “deck the halls” in December.

To learn more about what Harmony Entertainment can do for your holiday event, call 516-756-5637.

11 Aug 2010

A lot of times, people overlook the smaller things in life. The smaller things to us, however, could make a huge impact on those living in senior citizen homes. Musical entertainment is one of these things. The individuals in these homes have routines. They do a lot of very similar activities every day. When something new and exciting comes around, like live entertainment, there is a very positive influence placed upon these elderly people.

This process is more formally known as Music Therapy. Although there are more intricate ways of providing music therapy to the elderly, pure entertainment does a portion of the same. This kind of therapy is especially helpful for the senior citizens who have aging related conditions. The music stimulates the brain and helps the individual to develop in ways that other stimulants can’t produce. Music therapy is normally done in a one on one manner, but when there is a group, their reactions to the music can bounce off of each other, creating a wave of positive stimulants.

Music is food for the soul and if we can feed the soul of the elderly through the use of music, then we have made the impact we want.

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02 Jun 2010

Hot weather is perfect for Luaus. The food is light and fresh and the music is friendly, fun and relaxing.

When you choose a Luau for your Wedding Reception or other celebration the music and food are where tradition will be of the utmost importance. Live Polynesian drums and slack key guitars will certainly set the tone for an amazing event that will have all of your guests talking for years.

Harmony Entertainment can help you plan the perfect traditional Long Island Summer Luau.

05 May 2010

With Spring in full swing many of our customers are opting for an outdoor wedding reception. Having your reception outdoors can add beauty and a more relaxed feel to the celebrations.

The first thing we recommend is to choose a meaningful location. The most popular choices for outdoor wedding receptions are beaches, parks, or gardens. The area you choose should be a place that is near and dear to your heart or just so beautiful you couldn’t imagine having your reception anywhere else. If no building is nearby, you might consider a tent or at least an area with a small tent in case the weather doesn’t want to cooperate. Check into table rentals and bathroom facilities too.

Another great thing about having an outdoor wedding reception is that you can use your surroundings as your inspiration for decorating. If you’re on or near the beach you can use shells and beach themed accessories to decorate the tables, etc… The food you serve could also be based on your surroundings. For example, if you are near the water offer a seafood dish.

Remember, you will need a dance floor or dance area and access to electric if you plan on having live music or a DJ at your outdoor wedding reception.

Harmony Entertainment provides Wedding DJ & Live Music Services for Long Island: Nassau & Suffolk County: Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan: Staten Island. New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

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20 Apr 2010

I came across this touching story today about Maxim Vengero, world famous violinist.


Picture property of Times Online.

“Vengerov normally charges $200,000 per concert but today Vengerov plays for nothing. Or rather, he plays for love. We are in a magnificent paneled hall at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability in Putney, southwest London. Arrayed in front of the musician are about 60 wheelchair-bound patients who, in many cases, have minimal control over their limbs, their minds – and their lives”

The story goes on to talk about how not every patient was able to move their hand or tap their foot to the music but that all of them had a smile on their face.

It has been proven that music has the power to touch the body, heart and soul -especially live music. I love reading stories of how music is used to help improve the quality of life for injured or ill people. I also read that when music is played in the nursery of premature babies, these babies grew faster and had less complications than other preemies.

Great resource on using live music to improve the quality of life.

“Rhythm and harmony enter most powerfully into the inner most part of the soul and lay forcible hands upon it” — Plato

Spring is a great time for hosting Jazz, Big Band, Country or other types of parties featuring live music.

If you are planning on hosting a jazz fest or a party featuring a particular music genre then call Harmony Entertainment. We offer great LIVE music services. All of our music and entertainment is tasteful and appropriate for the whole family.

Call us today at 516.756.5637 if you are planning on hosting an event in the Long Island area and want fabulous live entertainment. Outside New York area please call toll free @ 877.434.3533

09 Apr 2010

Who knew the style of your wedding dress can say so much about your personality. I found this fun wedding dress/personality comparison and for me it was spot on. What does your wedding dress style say about you?

  • Sleeved/Strap Dress – Nostalgic & Demure
  • Slinky Silhouette – Sexy and Straightforward
  • Full Ballgown – A Princess for Life
  • Color Combinations – Fashionable and Confident
  • Tea Length – Individual Traditionalism

Read more about what your wedding dress is saying about you.

Harmony Entertainment provides Music, Photography, Video for Weddings to customers in Long Island, north shore and south shore.

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02 Apr 2010

Some people love to keep their wedding ceremony very traditional. Everything from the church to the music is just as their mother’s or grandmother’s was. But occasionally we have clients who start their own tradition.

When considering what music you will march down the aisle to, what about stepping outside of the box and away from tradition? A few weeks back on The Bachelor, they had aired Jason and Polly’s wedding from the previous season’s match up.The music that was played was an acoustic version of Some Where Over the Rainbow.

The song was actually performed by Jason Castro of American Idol. I love this version of the song! Jason did a beautiful job and Polly walking down the aisle to this song was just magical.

When it comes to your wedding, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box, right down to every little detail.

If you have an event to plan from Brooklyn to Long Island, Manhattan to Staten Island, Harmony entertainment is the only call you need to make. Their experienced staff will ensure your event goes off without a hitch. To get your party started in the right direction call today at 516.756.5637 or online at www.harmonyentertainment.com

19 Mar 2010

Spring is a great time to schedule your Corporate Team Building events. You can view a Spring Team Building Event as renewing the relationships amongst your team and growing productivity throughout your company.

Team building benefits include:

  • Builds relationships among co-workers working in the same office or at remote sites
  • Reminds team members about the importance of planning and of communicating ideas
  • Increases appreciation for team diversity
  • Clarifies roles and the process for determining roles in a group project situation
  • Provides a non-threatening environment for discussion of group process

Harmony Entertainment can help with all of your Long Island, New York and Brooklyn Corporate event planning needs.

Team building, celebrations, parties, staff recognition, theme shows, holiday parties, grand openings, client appreciation events are all part of our Corporate repertoire. Please talk with our consultant about your expectations.

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04 Mar 2010

Wedding season is here and we would like talk a little about thinking outside of the box when it comes to your wedding reception. Although there is nothing wrong with the traditional approach, Harmony Entertainment would like to help your wedding stand out among the rest. Themed wedding receptions are in and  with specialized entertainment, your guests will talk about the amazing time they had at your wedding reception for years to come.

The first thing to consider when creating a memorable reception is making it personal. What is it that brought you and your sweet heart together, or that represents a hobby you both share? For instance, say you are both fans of big ban music, ballroom dancing, or break dance whenever you get the chance. Is there a place that is near and dear to your heart? Maybe it was Vegas or a trip to a dude ranch that makes you think of wonderful times spent with your special someone. With Harmony Entertainment you get the professionalism and talent your wedding party deserves.

Harmony Entertainment provides music for all occasions including Variety, Hawaiian Shows, Country Western, Laser Karaoke, Holiday Themes, Dance Band Jazz Trio, DJs/Dancers, Music & Comedy, Puppet Shows, Caricaturists, Tai Chi, Clowns, Gospel Music, Praise & Worship, and Strolling Minstrel to customers in Long Island, Nassau county, L.I. Suffolk county, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, north shore and south shore.

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